• AUTHOR: Mark D Tubbs
  • RELEASE: January 1, 2017


RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION: Fathering, Alignment, and the Apostolic It is time for a RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION. If we want to unlock your apostolic ministry, we need to adapt how we relate to one another. Through his personal experience in full time ministry for 33 years, Mark Tubbs shares first hand accounts of his apostolic call and how it matured over time. As a leader in a global movement, Harvest International Ministry, Mark illustrates how to come into the fullness of your destiny. After laying a solid biblical and historical foundation, the book focuses on key tenets of the apostolic ministry from a relational perspective. These include Fathering and Mothering in the Kingdom, the importance of Alignment, a case study of Transformation, and important principles to become a Master Equipper. RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION is intended for leaders who want to communicate with others their apostolic call, and a practical guide for those new to the movement. The book is full of exciting and powerful stories that are from the life of a practitioner, and each one will increase the hope and faith in your life to fulfill your purpose.