May 14-June 3 (See below for dates and options)

Transformation of the Nations and HIM Kenya

Special Emphasis with Children’s Home and Transformation Projects

Germany and the Netherlands working with Key Apostolic Leaders

There are three sections, and you can go to one, two, or three!

Dates: May14-27 Kenya, $2500 plus airfare (if Kenya only, $1000 EST)

May 27-June 3, Germany and Netherlands, $3200 plus airfare (approx. +$600)

(If you want to go shorter, you can leave Frankfurt on May 30 for adjustments)

The team will be led by Apostle Mark Tubbs, the founder of TOTN and the movement in Kenya with over 7000 churches. The primary purpose to raise people up and to get a glimpse of what we can look like with total freedom! We also go with the purpose of increasing the leaders and churches in strategic areas where the fire of transformation is burning. In addition, the Rock Creek Children’s home is in the process of building a safe house for girls in Kilifi County.

In Germany we will go to “Kingdom Life Now” in Stuttgart. After traveling on the 27th, we will do two seminars in the evening. During the 28th and 29th, we will visit a castle and do other fun outings.

In the Netherlands we will minister to a team that works in the Red-Light district and tour in Amsterdam on the 31st. On June 1-2 we will minister in Bulgarian churches in the Haque, Rotterdam, as well as an apostolic center in Amsterdam.


Mark and Ann Tubbs began working in Kenya in 1999. Since that time, the network has grown under the leadership of our apostolic leader, Apostle Simon Karisa. This year we will focus on the children’s home in Kilifi as well as strategic projects led by the passion of key leaders. We will meet with leaders of all mountains in the region to intercede and impact the region. We will also be a part of impacting Kitale in Western Kenya. We will also broaden and increase this ministry in churches, leadership events, orphanages, and events that equip the saints.


These trips are designed for hands on, and you do the “stuff.” You are literally the speakers, prayer team, and ministers. We do some training, but the teacher is the Holy Spirit. You will be released to heal the sick, cast out demons, preach, and move in the power of what the Spirit shows us. We will do Leadership Summits, All Night Prayer, and evangelistic outreach. This team will be around 15+, which is perfect for transportation and serving the leaders we visit. In addition, we have powerful team meetings where there is prayer, impartation, and training. It is a condensed ministry school designed to release you into your anointing. We will be specifically ministering in the HIM churches and those we are building relationships with. We also have fun going snorkeling and going to an animal park.


Everything we do is a part of an existing movement that is transforming regions and nations. That is why we call these, “Transformation Trips.” Everywhere we go people respond to the message we bring of freedom from religion, restoration of the prophetic ministry, and the power of the gospel through healings and miracles. Generally, we speak in venues with 100-500 people in churches, home churches, and at orphanages. Sometimes we have larger meetings, but our goal is not to have a big meeting and have them go home. There we seek to bring transformation to the community. In addition, we have pastors and leaders who have a great desire to grow in the things of the Spirit. These trips are designed to release the gifts and anointing in the storehouse, YOU!


This trip we will stay at the Turtle Bay Resort in Watamu. The places we stay at keep safety and health in mind. The reason is to be refreshed and renewed as we go each day. Even though these are not luxury hotels, they are clean and adequate for our teams.


Go to the TOTN or HIM website to get the application and more information.


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