Transformation of the Nations

Everyone wants to make a difference and impact the world. At TOTN, we work with world changers in many different nations and partner with them to influence every aspect of culture and society. Through these relationships, we are able to bring sustainable and measurable results. In addition to teaching leaders how to equip through the fivefold, a signature to TOTN is to lead life changing trips that teach you the principles of transformation and change.

These trips are about giving glory to Jesus Christ and equipping the saints to discover their destiny. One of the primary destinations is Kenya, Africa. Mark and Ann lead the network that now has over 4,500 churches in Kenya. In 2013 Mark had a “woman at the well experience” ministering to a woman on the street that opened the door to bring transformation in the region. Look at the links to the side for more information on trips, books, and opportunities to be a part.

About us

Transformation of the Nations was started in 2012 by Mark Tubbs in unity with Harvest International Ministries.  The goal was to provide Transformation Trips around the world to assist apostles and emerging leaders in key nations.  

Prior to 2012, Mark and Ann Tubbs served as local church pastors for 24 years.  During that season, Mark and Ann traveled primarily to Kenya where they started a network formerly called the Rock Creek Church network.  In 2006, they were commissioned by Che Ahn and HIM and Mark served as the Executive Director and HIM Missions Apostle.  Then, Mark and Ann began to focus on their own global ministry and relationships.  The TOTN Family is a group of partners that work together in covenant relationship to strengthen local churches, empower business leaders, and to work with apostles around the world.



Transformation of the Nations is centered on fulfilling the Great Commission to “disciple nations.” If you think about that for a moment, we can ask, “What does that mean?” We believe in missions, but there old wineskins that can actually do as much harm as good. Our strategies must involve empowering the local leaders and people, and to create models that don’t keep them relying on outside money to survive. In other words, we don’t want to keep them in a poverty mindset. We believe in giving and supporting ministries, orphanages, schools, and special projects, and we do on a regular basis. However, our goal is to create strong indigenous leaders that produce measurable and sustainable kingdom results. Our goal is to help in every sphere of society to bring transformation. Under the TOTN nations tab you can read about the impact we are having, as well as share about transformation trips and other ways you can be a part.